Great Lakes Region in Africa: Promoting off-farm employment


Since 2012 Skat has been active in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa guiding the implementation of SDC’s PROECCO Project, Promoting Off Farm-Employment through Climate Responsive Construction Material Production, whose principle aim is to support the transformation of the building material and construction sectors into modern, professional industries that generate employment through environmentally, economically and socially sustainable practices.

 In August 2017, Skat Consulting constructed and exhibited the $10,000 House (FRW 8 million) at Rwanda’s 2017 International Trade Fair. Built with Modern Brick Technologies, the model house, inspired by the minimalist functionalism, cost-efficiency and high-quality finishes of the Swiss Cube typology, consisted of a modular and transformable urban construction system made of nearly 100% Rwandan Building Materials, specifically Modern Bricks. During the 2-week exhibition period, the model house received more than 35,000 visitors and served as an Info Point for investors and construction professionals seeking information on modern brick production methods, cost-effective construction systems and related building typologies designed to address the massive demand for urban middle-income housing. By exhibiting the business opportunities related to the supply chain for the mass supply of Modern Bricks, the Swiss Cube displayed the (missing) link between Rwanda’s fast urbanisation and the local construction industry, which is poised to transform the pressing need for affordable homes into a steady supply of attractive off-farm jobs.


Building materials in high demand in the Great lakes region


In addition to generating strong interest among developers, financial institutions and homebuyers from all income brackets (more than 3,000 units propose to be built with the Swiss Cube System), the $10,000 House immediately sparked intense discussion at all levels of government, who have now requested Skat’s support in putting in place the necessary technical and logistical measures required to deliver a steady supply of affordable homes across the country. The regional impact is not to be underestimated, private investors and builders visiting from Burundi, DRC, Uganda, Kenya and Egypt who understood the link between building material production and modern construction technologies, expressed interest in establishing Modern Brick production units, further confirming the potential for large-scale private investment and urban transformation.


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