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Rwanda : Rwanda, R20 Sign Agreement To Develop Continental Smart Model Village Pilot

Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and 20 Regions of Climate Action (R20) – a global alliance for smart cities and smart villages (GASCA) have signed an agreement to search and identify a rural area where a continental ‘smart model village’ pilot should be constructed in Rwanda.


Rwanda : Rwanda is Working on a Green City!

Rwanda is working on a “green city,” in Kigali city. The plan is to have the 2.3 square miles allocated to efficient factories, sustainable housing and green cars. The estimated cost? $5 billion, according to the African Exponent.

A project of this scale considers many factors. The “Rwanda Green City Pilot Project” covers every environmental concern and is created in a sustainable way. The project has developed its own “Pillars of Green Urbanism” that the project follows and can be easily piloted in other cities.


Rwanda : Inside Gashora Transit Centre, the home for African refugees

In a village in Gashora Sector, about an hour from Kigali, workers are busy putting final touches to different facilities in a camp in Bugesera District.


Rwanda : Kigali kiosks are back, bigger and better

Lately, it’s hard not to notice a modern wooden kiosk around Rwandex, which easily catches the eye of most passersby.

This is one of many such kiosks that will increasingly be seen in the city, according to the City of Kigali’s Director of Urban Economic Development Unit, Augustin Rwomushana…… More


Rwanda : “Bannyahe” residents to begin relocation in November

The first 360 households from Kigali’s largest slum locally known as Bannyahe will be relocated to a new housing estate in Busanza in November this year, city of Kigali officials have announced.

Speaking during the press conference on Wednesday, Pudence Rubingisa, the new Kigali City Mayor, said that by then the first dwelling units will have been completed.


Rwanda : Housing Authority to issue fresh guidelines on use of rukarakara

A FEW DAYS after it issued new guidelines allowing the use of mud bricks commonly known as rukarakara, Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) says that it will soon release another set of rules related to an improved version of these bricks. More


Rwanda : Rwanda Day 2019: Rwandans to be taken through opportunities to own affordable homes

DND Developers Ltd, a Rwandan based Real Estate company is set to share investment opportunities available in Rwanda that led to the construction of affordable homes to Rwandans attending Rwanda Day 2019 scheduled on 24th August 2019 in Germany and Diaspora Property Road Show on 30th – 31st August in London, UK.


Rwanda : Government puts its stake in Cimerwa on the market

he Government of Rwanda has finally put its last stake in Cimerwa on the market, calling on individual investors and companies to show interest for its shares.

The Government has 16.54 per cent stake in Cimerwa held through Agaciro Development Fund, Rwanda’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.


Rwanda :Request for expressions of interest for the development of affordable houses in City of Kigali, Secondary Cities, Rwamagana & Nyanza Districts

The Government of Rwanda adopted different strategies for Affordable Housing including availing land to developers/investors (land bank). This has started in City of Kigali, Secondary Cities and other Cities deemed to be potential for affordable housing needs. There are pieces of land/sites to be developed in City of Kigali, Secondary Cities, Rwamagana and Nyanza Districts


Rwanda : IPRC-Musanze to get Rwf14bn facelift

The complex will be made of classrooms, administration offices, student hostels, multi-purpose hall, training workshops, and other functional rooms, according to officials.


Rwanda : Govt seeks more investors to meet 310,000 unit demand for housing

The Minister for Infrastructure has invited more real estate firms to invest in affordable housing to meet the demand for shelter that is projected at 310,000 housing units by 2032.


Rwanda : DND Developers Ltd facilitates Rwandans from the diaspora to own and manage apartments

DND Developers Ltd (DND) has entered partnership with Diaspora Home Management (DHM) to create a platform enhancing management of DND apartments belonging to Rwandans in the diaspora.


Rwanda : Kamonyi : Plus de 300 jeunes ont construit des logements pour les vulnérables.

Plus de 300 jeunes réunis dans un Camp de travail dans le Secteur de Kayenzi en District Kamonyi ont commencé à construire pour les vulnérables, dans le cadre d’appuyer les efforts de l’Etat dans la construction des logements pour des personnes vulnérables


Rwanda : Will new reforms cut the red-tape in construction?

In 2018, the construction sector grew by 20 per cent in Rwanda. The number of days to obtain construction permits will reduce from 113 to 57.


Rwanda : Development of $5 billion green city to begin next year

The project aims to showcase the viability of green cities in Rwanda. The project will not displace low-income earners, rather the proposed city will be built in such a way that low-income earners will be empowered.


RDC : Constructions anarchiques et « spéculatives » sur sa concession: l’appel de Twangiza Mining à la population de Luhwindja

Le communiqué parle du dossier de compensation lié aux maisons et autres structures spéculatives en plus de la perturbation des activités par les agents de l’UTRALU.


RDC : 5 morts à la suite de l’écroulement d’un mur dans la commune de Bagira

Le gouverneur de province Théo Ngwabidje a invité la population à éviter les constructions anarchiques.


RDC : mise en place d’une commission de lutte contre les conflits fonciers

L’Etat doit défendre les simples citoyens qui ont été délogés dans leur maison du fait qu’ils n’ont pas eu le temps de faire des certificats ou d’enregistrer leurs parcelles et des gens véreux ont compris, ils ont enquêté, ils sont allés enregistrer en leurs noms et leurs ont opposés des certificats et ils les ont déguerpis.


Rwanda: FARG needs Rwf30bn for survivors’ housing

This means that 2,000 houses could cost about Rwf25 billion and if the number of the required houses is more, the total sum could go up to over Rwf30 billion.


Rwanda: Investor to establish first ceramics factory in Rwanda

Nyanza district owns a minority stake in the investment in exchange for the land availed by the district to Africeramics Ltd and is a source of high quality inputs such as clay, granite and other alloys needed for ceramics.


DRC: Comment exploiter durablement le bois d’œuvre en RDC ?

La demande en bois de construction et d’immobilier ne cesse d’augmenter dans toutes les grandes villes de la RDC.


Rwanda: World Bank to invest USD $ 200 million in accommodation to decongest schools

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), said that the project will help Rwanda to promote quality education if approved through tackling overcrowding in classrooms. 70 % of the money will be invested in building schools and buying related equipment.


DRC: Uvira: au moins 6 maisons détruites par le débordement de la rivière Mulongwe

Au moins 6 maisons écroulées et plusieurs objets ustensiles de cuisine emportés par les eaux de la rivière Mulongwe dans la ville d’Uvira, au Sud du Sud-Kivu (Zones a risques)


Burundi: « La ville de Bujumbura menacée », alerte la Croix-Rouge

La Croix-Rouge interpelle les Burundais sur les risques dus à la construction dans des espaces verts.


DRC: Beni,1 mort et au moins 50 maisons détruites par la pluie à Kasindi

La société civile locale parle d’une cinquantaine des maisons qui ont perdu leurs toitures. Le gouvernement congolais et les organisations non gouvernementales sont priés de prendre en charge les sinistrés.

Src: Laprunellerdc

Rwanda: Investing in Rwanda to improve following construction permit reforms

The reforms announced by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the City of Kigali and the Rwanda Housing Authority during a workshop for local construction sector professionals will reduce costs and streamline procedures in obtaining construction permits.

Src: New Times Rwanda

Rwanda: Rwanda announces fresh construction sector reforms

Marie-Chantal Rwakazina, the City of Kigali Mayor, said: “For building projects that are not large-scale or complex, you will no longer need to submit a geotechnical study, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report or topographic survey.” More

Src: The New Times Rwanda

Rwanda: One day rural housing will be a lucrative industry! Why Not?

Strive Masiyiwa I wondered why governments don’t provide tax incentives for people who want to invest in improving the rural areas. Why entrepreneurs do not set up rural mortgage financing vehicles.


DRC: le PFCGL annonce le début de la construction d’un bâtiment moderne pour les services à la frontière Ruzizi

Il s’agit d’un bâtiment de deux étages pour les infrastructures définitives dans l’objectif de réduire les tracasseries aux frontières. Dans ce bâtiment il y aura des entrepôts, des scanners et plusieurs autres innovations. Les services d’accueil seront au niveau de la chaussée et au les administrations seront au 1er et 2ième étage


Rwanda: Govt secures $80 million to build 10 vocational schools

Rwanda, in partnership with the Indian government, through the Indian Export and Import Bank (EXIM bank), secured a soft loan of $81 million (approximately Rwf72 billion) to fund the project.


Rwanda: Nyamagabe rehabilitation centre to be opened in September

The first phase of the centre will be completed in September and will accommodate 1,000 people.The second phase will be completed in 2021. The entire project is worth Rwf4.2 billion.


Rwanda: Financiers revived stalled Nyamirambo affordable housing project

Pan African housing financier Shelter Afrique, BRD revive Nyarugenge district’s US$130 million low cost housing Project. The project upon completion will accommodate 14,000 people in addition to creation of   hundreds of temporary and permanent jobs.


Rwanda: RSSB-led Consortium to construct 10,000 homes in Kinyinya worth US$200 million

The building partners assembled by RSSB are using rapid construction technology in the form of precast manufacturing and construction to save on cost and time with intentions of passing the reduction to end users. RSSB will be able to deliver truly affordable housing stocks in the market in next 3-4 years. The mixed use development project is estimated to cost US$200 million.


Rwanda: New investor injects vigor into Kigali Innovation city with $400m kitty

The project located at the Kigali special economic zone sits on a 70 hectare plot and is valued at about $2 billion. It is designed to accommodate world-class universities, technology companies, biotech firms, and commercial and retail real estate facilities.

Au moment où la RDC peine à réguler son marché local, le bois s’impose à nouveau comme une matière première essentielleLe bois fait son grand retour sur le devant de la scène alors qu’on le croyait démoder par le béton, le verre et le métal, le bois s’impose à nouveau comme une matière première innovante, résistante et écologique.


Makamba : La misère des « sans adresse » de NyakaziSur une parcelle d’environ 20 m sur 15, une hutte sert de cuisine en face de la maison principale. Ces habitations sont dans un état vétuste. Trois se sont déjà écroulées. D’autres présentent des fissures.
Le village abrite plus de 4000 personnes réparties en 200 familles. Elles vivent dans des conditions précaires.


Former high-risk zone dwellers benefit from Rwf1bn model villageThe village has a community hall, poultry projects, kitchen gardens, ECD centre that has received 120 children, and a health post.


Will the $100m project to redevelop Kimironko market finally take-off?The whole project will be implemented on all the 102,000 square metres, comprises between 120 and 180 apartments, a three-star hotel and create over 10,000 jobs.


Keep Land Idle At Your Own RiskPublished in official gazette in October 2018, the law determining the sources of revenue and property of decentralized entities provides in its article 20, that any undeveloped plot of land is subject to additional tax of one hundred percent (100%) to the tax rate.


Goma: l’Etat relance le projet d’amélioration de la sécurité de l’aéroportLes travaux de construction d’un segment du mur de clôture de l’aéroport international de Goma de 3416m de longueur sont prevus et financés par la Banque mondiale


Strong coordination recommended for the success of ongoing Master Plans review processesThe National Technical Advisory Committee is currently overseeing the review process of Secondary City Master Plans and should be empowered to extend its mandate and lead this coordination even for new plans for Satellite Cities, District Towns, Emerging urban centres together with other sectoral plans.


Rwanda :
Government and private sector to work in synergy for the development and upgrading of informal Settlements in City of Kigali
Rwanda National Urbanization target is to have 35% of urban population by 2024 and create 1.5 Million decent and productive jobs in close collaboration with all stakeholders. A joint commission composed of representatives from the government, private sector, civil society, development partner was created to come up with a detailed business case that will be a win-win solution for all parties.


Rwanda housing finance project
The primary beneficiaries of this project are Rwandan households which are unable to access long-term housing finance. The project expectsto focus primarily on loans for homes in the 10–35 million price segment, 19 a price range considered affordable to households with monthly incomes ranging between RWF 200,000 and RWF 700,000, the primary target segment which may qualify for mortgage loans under the GoR’s strategy on affordable housing finance (2018).


DRC: Kinshasa : Les architectes invités à s’affilier au nouvel ordre national des architectes récemment installé

Kinshasa : Les architectes invités à s’affilier au nouvel ordre national des architectes récemment installé

Conformément à la nouvelle loi organique portant fonctionnement de l’ONA (Ordre national des architects, tout architecte qui ne se fera pas enregistrer sur le tableau de (ONA) en Mars 2019, ne sera plus considéré comme architecte.


Bukavu : Début des démolitions des maisons pour libérer l’espace du Marché transfrontalier modern (DRC)

Bukavu : Début des démolitions des maisons pour libérer l’espace du Marché transfrontalier modern

Comme le début des travaux devrait déjà commencer dans un délai très bref, la mairie de Bukavu a  commencé des travaux de dégagement de terrain ; qui ont consisté à démolir des constructions anarchiques sur le site qui devra abriter les infrastructures du projet, notamment un marché moderne ayant un parking.


Station d’épuration des eaux usées de Buterere Les riverains dans la tourmente (Burundi)

Station d’épuration des eaux usées de Buterere Les riverains dans la tourmente

Les propriétaires des maisons construites dans l’espace réservé à la seule station d’épuration des eaux usées de Buterere ont jusqu’au 20 octobre pour dégager. L’ultimatum a été donné pour la première fois par le CNS. D’autres institutions ont également relayé ce message. Les concernés sont désemparés.

Src: Iwacu Burundi

Nord-Kivu : Bientôt l’électrification de certaines artères principales de Goma par énergie solaire.(DRC)

Nord-Kivu : Bientôt l’électrification de certaines artères principales de Goma par énergie solaire.

Pour Mme Lee, présidente de la firme l’Entreprise Global Trade and Finance, les domaines d’électrification celui de l’habitat et minier sont dans les viseurs de sa firme qui, outre l’électrification publique la desserte domestique sera également prise en charge.

Src: Province Nord Kivu

. Bâtiments et Travaux Publics (Burundi) / French

Burundi – Bâtiments et Travaux Publics

La politique du Gouvernement est d’arriver à construire ses propres bâtiments grâce à son budget annuel d’investissement. Ce même budget va être mis à contribution pour financer d’autres infrastructures comme les barrages hydroélectriques, les hôpitaux et surtout la transformation de la ville de Gitega en capitale politique du pays (siège du parlement, des ministères et logements des fonctionnaires).


City mayor upbeat over Busanza housing project

City mayor upbeat over Busanza housing project

The Savannah Creek Development Company has planned to invest $56million (about Rwf 47.6billion) to develop the Bannyahe slum into a decent residential estate. Of the $56 million, $12 million (about Rwf 10 billion) will be invested in building housing units in Busanza for former slum residents in exchange for their expropriated properties.More..

src: The New Times

Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA)

Rwanda Housing Authority is a public institution based in Rwanda with its head office in Kigali city. It an agency under the ministry of infrastructure, legally established by law no 40/2010 of 25/11/2010

Rwanda Standards Board (RSB)

Rwanda Standards Board (RSB)

KK 15 Rd, 49;

PO Box: 7099 Kigali-KicuKiro,

Tel: +250 252-582945/586103,

Hotline: 3250


 Inyota House, Gasabo District
Kigali City, Rwanda
P.O.BOX 7436 Kacyiru
(+250) 252 580 769


is a construction company founded in 1999 to participate in infrastructure construction in Burundi.
Phone: +257-22 24 27 49
Fax: +257-22 24 11 65
Email: info@getra.b

Kigali City to relocate 13,000 households

Kigali City to relocate 13,000 households

Relocation of city residents from high-risk zones to properly planned settlements is a major component of the master plan, which is under its second implementation phase (2018-2025). More info