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Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA)

Rwanda Housing Authority is a public institution based in Rwanda with its head office in Kigali city. It an agency under the ministry of infrastructure, legally established by law no 40/2010 of 25/11/2010

Rwanda Standards Board (RSB)

Rwanda Standards Board (RSB)

KK 15 Rd, 49;

PO Box: 7099 Kigali-KicuKiro,

Tel: +250 252-582945/586103,

Hotline: 3250


 Inyota House, Gasabo District
Kigali City, Rwanda
P.O.BOX 7436 Kacyiru
(+250) 252 580 769


is a construction company founded in 1999 to participate in infrastructure construction in Burundi.
Phone: +257-22 24 27 49
Fax: +257-22 24 11 65
Email: info@getra.b

Kigali City to relocate 13,000 households

Kigali City to relocate 13,000 households

Relocation of city residents from high-risk zones to properly planned settlements is a major component of the master plan, which is under its second implementation phase (2018-2025). More info